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Precision, predictability, performance.

Vibration puts more than your process at risk. It puts your people at risk, too.

Fight against Hand-Arm Vibration Syndrome (HAVS) with HAV-Sentry.

We’re laser-focused on helping manufacturers achieve their biggest goals.

How? Fast and accessible access to a range of cutting tools, including PCD tooling, carbide cutting tools, and bespoke solutions.

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How we solve your tooling obstacles

Like you, we see the tooling industry changing around us. Manufacturers no longer need to choose between stock from the shelves of global OEMs, or the uncertainty of bespoke, local workshops.

If you’re looking for a modern cutting tool manufacturer to help push your performance, boundaries or processes, we can work with you to create a bespoke delivery. Plus, we guarantee this solution will work with your existing processes and timelines. But if you need a no-hassle, fast delivery, we’ve got you covered there, too.

However you choose to work with us, we’ll always look for ways to get better-performing tools to your machinists faster. For you, this means quicker turnaround times and healthier profits.

Your challenge:

I would like to increase my productivity and output.

Our solution:

Our advanced cutting tools come with end-to-end service, including application support and the option to be designed specifically to dial up your productivity. We’ll also support you with cutting tool strategies, which are important when increasing productivity and optimising cutting parameters. Exactaform are present from initial design through to machine prove-offs, and in some cases, we’ll develop a tool optimised to your requirements.

Your challenge:

I need to reduce my manufacturing costs.

Our solution:

When there is pressure to reduce costs, it can be tempting to source less expensive cutting tools. The opposite has been proven to be more cost-effective as an investment in cutting tools can reduce your overall production cost by far more than the saving cheaper tooling provides. Our engineers will demonstrate the viability of using tailored tooling solutions against lower-cost tools, ensuring you have the information required to show a reduction in manufacturing costs.

Your challenge:

We’re working with innovative materials.

Our solution:

With the rate at which new materials are being developed, keeping ahead of the associated machining challenges can become tricky. Choosing Exactaform gives you access to engineers with decades of experience working with and machining challenging new materials, supported by in-house testing facilities to ensure that machining tricky materials is not your biggest challenge.

Your challenge:

I’m in a jam and need a quick turnaround.

Our solution:

Even the best-laid plans can go astray. Don’t worry, we have you covered. With a specialised team of experts, we can prioritise your orders to ensure you meet your production requirements without compromising on quality. Spare production capacity at Exactaform is reserved for just this purpose. This expertise, combined with the knowledge that tool one will be the same as tool one thousand, gives you peace of mind for your future scheduled orders.

Your challenge:

My business needs technical and application support.

Our solution:

Our application engineers are on hand to support you, whether you require support on site, or even if you just want to bounce some ideas with like-minded engineers. We are very open and happy to share our experience with you to ensure that your production runs optimally.

Your challenge:

I want to implement greener manufacturing processes.

Our solution:

We understand and take very seriously our responsibilities to sustainability. At the cutting edge, this is achieved by reducing your machining footprint, i.e. reducing required power (which also saves you money), or after the event with a recycling plan for tooling.

Our facility employs green strategies to ensure that we complement your sustainability targets. Get in touch with us to hear how we could be a green addition to your supply chain.

Meet your new tooling partners.

In forty years, we’ve gone from one man and one machine, to a state-of-the-art facility in Coventry occupied by over 70 exceptional individuals.

What have we learnt? Becoming an industry leader takes ambition, a winning culture and the newest technologies.

Our team have all three in spades.

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We also have learning materials.

Our engineers and experts produce blogs, guides and case studies that help answer the biggest tooling questions.

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