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Bespoke tooling solutions

Need custom and specialist tooling?

Some manufacturing hurdles need a bespoke, tailored approach. This is where Exactaform come in.

We take your current processes and optimise them - cutting down costs and increasing productivity. Often, this requires a specialised tool that’s made-to-measure combined with one-to-one training.

The team here have a proven track record of helping manufacturers like you with customised tooling solutions.

Here’s how it works:

Step 1: Identify

Our engineers will meet with you to discuss your manufacturing challenges and identify the root of your issues. You’ll also learn if we can support your wider technical processes, and if we’ll need additional technical partners for support.

Step 2: Define

Next, we’ll work with you to define your current objectives, procedures, processes and machinery, so we can use our specialist knowledge to design a solution that works.

Step 3: Tour

You’ll be invited to tour our facility and manufacturing processes, helping you understand how our processes are tailored to help customers. See first-hand how we’re able to create solutions that reduce tool changes, wastage and lost efficiency.

Step 4: Develop

After we’ve gathered the information we need and you’re happy with our approach, we’ll get to work. Leveraging our experience and technologies, we’ll develop and propose a custom solution with mock-up designs.

Step 5: Test & Deliver

Before delivery, we’ll test most cases to check they match your requirements and our standards. We’ll also ensure you have the enhanced engineering support you need, such as component machining strategies, cut-time analysis and full engineering solutions.

Is a bespoke solution right for you?

Overcome a problem, or maximise efficiency. Our bespoke tooling customers usually fit into two categories; those working with a difficult material, and those looking to optimise productivity and output:

I have a manufacturing challenge

Working with a new material that challenges your conventional machining methods can be frustrating. When standard tooling doesn't give you the results you need, rely on Exactaform to research for you and develop cutting tool solutions designed to overcome your challenge - whatever it may be.

  • Work with us to truly optimise your processes.

  • Deliver parts faster to your customers and increase your bottom line.

  • Invest in tooling to produce more parts.

I need to maximise my cutting

If you work with a component or application that is of high volume, then every second deserves attention and careful thinking. 

  • Bespoke solutions can help shave precious seconds from your cycle time and reduce power, which, over the course of days and weeks, can deliver impactful results. 

  • Work with us to save money and maximise profits.

No constraints.

Exactaform maintains more capacity than work, ensuring our lead times are as flexible and agile as possible. Plus, our custom-built 43,500ft2 facility has room ready for expansion if a solution needs the space.

Boosted confidence.

Our solutions are proven with in-house testing equipment, which you’re free to inspect. This means we can provide confidence and save you valuable production downtime when testing is required.

Full-service solutions.

Our bespoke solutions don’t simply end at delivery. Instead, we help customers with stocking, logistics, education and manufacturing best practices. The result? Improved processes across the board.

Exceptional output.

We produce 7,000 PCD tools per month for over 500 customers with the shortest possible lead times.

Trusted by the best.

From BAE and Boeing to Merced​​es and Red Bull, our bespoke solutions deliver guaranteed performance, repeatability and confidence.

Highly experienced team.

We create, on average, 350 to 450 new designs per month, giving us unmatched custom tooling experience in the UK.

Need standard PCD & Carbide tools?

Browse our range of UK-made tools ready to be delivered within your timeframe.

Want to learn more about us? Or take a digital tour of our facility?

Exactaform has a proud and continuous history of development.

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