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Vibration puts more than your process at risk.

It puts your people at risk, too.

Fight against Hand-Arm Vibration Syndrome (HAVS) with HAV-Sentry - the wearable technology that has been designed to prevent damage.

What is Hand-Arm Vibration Syndrome (HAV)?

HAVS (Hand-Arm Vibration Syndrome) is a painful and permanent problem for employees up and down the United Kingdom.

In fact, more than two million employees nationwide are at risk.

For businesses with assembly processes, like the manufacturing industries, prolonged exposure to heavy vibration is commonplace.

This repeated exposure takes a toll on the employee’s hands and arms, leading to chronic numbness, pain, lack of sensitivity, and tingling. Those suffering from HAVS often have colourless fingers, sometimes referred to as “White Finger”.

Hand-Arm Vibration Syndrome (HAVS) isn’t just a painful problem.

It’s a remarkably costly one which can have devastating impacts on your business, too.


£250,000+ average fine and compensation.

The average Health and Safety Executive (HSE)-inforced penalty for confirmed HAVS cases amounts to £250,000, but it can be upwards of £500,000.

Companies also face the responsibility of compensating affected employees, too an average of £18,000 per year for the duration of the employee’s career


Health and Safety Executive(HSE) damnation.

Aside from the significant fines, the HSE also has the authority to name companies with confirmed HAVS cases publicly.

This can have a catastrophic impact on your ability to employ future talent, retain your current workforce, and gain access to Government-funded workplace schemes and grants.


Employee left with achronic condition.

Worst of all, an employee’s quality of life has worsened because their employer did not have the right preventative measures in place.

The penalty and compensation costs, albeit high, can be recouped. However, once an employee has HAVS, they have it for life.

How can HAV-Sentry help?

HAV-Sentry is a cutting-edge wearable technology that fights against Hand-Arm Vibration Syndrome (HAVS) by monitoring vibration levels and exposure.

The wearer’s data is captured in real-time, and fed into a cloud-based diagnostics system, which promptly alerts if vibration overexposure starts to rear its ugly head.

HAV-Sentry is HSE-approved, regulation-compliant, and designed to safeguard your business and its employees from the physical, mental, and financial ramifications of Hand-Arm Vibration Syndrome (HAVS).

White Finger@2x

Real-time data and alerts.

Aegis-powered sensing units capture and calculate vibration exposure levels based on real-time data acquired from the wearer’s palm.

If vibration exposure reaches a dangerous threshold, the wearer will be alerted by visual and audible indicators built into the wearable itself.

On-demand analytics and reporting.

Data captured from the wearer is then wirelessly transmitted to a cloud-based diagnostics software, which can be remotely accessed from anywhere.

Amazon Web Services manages the software for maximum security. It provides extensive reporting on workforce vibration exposure trends, RMS & Peak acceleration (m/s2), frequency (Hz), grip strength (kg) and more.


Comfortable and powerful.

The HAV-Sentry wearable is made from soft and durable moisture-wicking fabric that’s built to be worn for extended periods without irritation.

Plus, its central control system is IP64 dust and water-resistant, meaning it can easily cope with harsh environments and changeable temperatures.

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