What we stand for

Trusted by the best engineering brands around the world including BAE Systems, Mercedes, Boeing and Red Bull, we are known for our unbeatable lead times, quality, exceptional service and customer-led innovation.

We’re straight-forward

We have one simple approach: make sure everyone knows where they stand with you. With our staff, it means being open and honest. With our customers, we always tell it straight and communicate regularly so they know they’re in safe hands with us.

Guaranteed unbeatable
lead times

Not many manufacturing companies have the confidence to make a claim like that. We can back it up.

With more manufacturing capacity than any other tooling specialist in the US or UK, we have the ability to design and produce more special PCD tooling than a lot of our competitors. That means guaranteed unbeatable lead times, quicker turnarounds and an entire team thatis dedicated to one thing: creating the best diamond parts in the world.

Fewer tools, more of
what you need

An Exactaform tooling solution is an investment that pays off, where every tooling package is tailored to your individual requirements. We offer a standard solution, we look to improve processes and make sure that you get the best out of every minute from your machines. We look to combine tools together, making you more productive, saving space in your tool changer, helping engineers reduce cycle time, driving efficiencies, and streamlining processes.

Exactaform Building Sketch in Blue

Investing to grow

For a medium sized engineering firm to compete against international players, being committed to growth is in our blood. We aren’t afraid to invest in the best machinery and people, expand to new countries, rise to impossible challenges, and take on the giants of the industry.